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Aurora is a modern, dynamic Health and Safety Company with a refreshingly different way of providing Health and Safety Consultancy and Training – that focuses uniquely on your Business and your people to make a positive difference.

We help Businesses to effectively manage their own Health and Safety as simply and easily as possible. We use our rare and enviable skills and experience (hard earned) to do this, which is embraced in:


We are different, and proud to be

We help people and companies in several ways; by helping them to sort out a mess / health & safety problem that they are already have (we are amazing at sorting out problems). Or better still helping them at a start of a project, proactively, so they don’t get in a mess in the first place (avoiding problems). Or helping those who are unsure if they are in a mess or not / whether they are compliant with law and or using best practice to benefit their company, but however, do want an independent expert to give an accurate appraisal of where they are. Plus help to move forward if necessary.

In all cases we act as your trusted advisor and help you, support you and work WITH you with the aim of achieving the level of health and management that you want.

It’s what we do and how we do it that makes the positive difference to your business and sets us apart from the rest.

We keep things simple and uncomplicated for you, whenever possible

We dislike bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork, as much as you do.

Help you by reducing the pain of compliance.  Management System solutions with a user friendly approach that put you back in control.

Offer a totally fresh no-nonsense approach to health and safety.

Commercially aware.  Recognise that businesses require solutions that add maximum benefit to their business and are also cost efficient.

Deliver proportionate health and safety solutions.

Have a professional but friendly approach.

Use the latest modern techniques when they are beneficial to the client.

We speak human. Not unnecessary safety jargon.

Give you an accurate appraisal of what you need and also what you don't.


Thinking ahead, as well as the now

We are forward thinking people, we were applying management system solutions back when every body else was still just taking machinery safety.

We were researching and applying safety culture aspects long before anyone had heard of behavioural safety. We are professional with a passion and continue to be in touch with the latest developments now and research what is coming in the future.



We DON’T do a ‘One Size Fits All’ approach - because it doesn‘t

We custom build - whether providing consultancy and management systems support OR Training and developing your people. We LISTEN to Your needs carefully and (these are the real skills) with our exceptional experience of practically what works well, together with our in depth understanding of health and safety law and sensible interpretation of it. We have the ability and the acumen to then design and deliver the best health and safety solutions to suit YOUR Business.

Custom built, designed from a blank sheet (not like other consultancies who may say they will, but actually sell you the ‘off the shelf package’ or a slightly tweaked one saying it’s tailored). Because, the truth is very few consultancies have people with the ability or the inclination to provide this level of approach. This is where we add real value.

People focused solutions

After all, its people that ensure that work can be done safely. Not paperwork alone or physical assets such as buildings etc. Whatever advice or support you ask us to provide we build this in. It’s a necessity, not a luxury.

Custom made services designed and delivered by the very best

Fully qualified and experienced Chartered Safety and Health Practitioners. Whether undertaking Training or Consultancy work they also have a vast amount of on site experience and the talent to make it count. Our Trainers are also different; they are qualified to train in addition to their health and safety qualifications. They also do on site consultancy work; it keeps them fully in touch and helps them excel as trainers.

Engaging and highly interactive training workshops

Training with us is both focused on outputs and enjoyable.



Obviously, we would be naive to post on the internet exactly what we are doing, for our
competitors friends from other Health and Safety Providers to borrow. So if you are a serious client please contact us.

You will be speaking DIRECT to an experienced Chartered Practitioner (not sales people). You’ll talk to the people at the coal face implementing your project without jargon and without hard sell.

Does all this sound like an approach that suits you?
Contact us and let’s get started

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