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You may have some initial questions. To help you, here’s a brief list of some Q & A.


What size companies do you work with?

We work mainly with large Corporate Clients and SME’s. But also offer a helping hand or a pointer in the right direction to micro-businesses and start ups. There is a lot of information out there and it can be quite overwhelming and time consuming to be sure you are on the right track. We welcome enquiries from any size company, the earlier in a project the better. As a proactive approach is best.


We're already struggling with health and safety - what should we do?

The first step to moving forward is to recognise you may have a problem. Which you have, good. Then get the right help. This is critical: make sure you get help from a competent Health and Safety Advisor who has the relevant depth of experience to help you move forward. Good diagnosis and support afterwards is key. Call us for a chat. We are experienced at untangling other people’s safety problems.


What size projects do you work on?

We tend to work on the strategic type of Consultancy projects for example management systems development design or improving the one you’ve got. We also work on other specific issues. We have the ability to do a range of Consultancy work – including the difficult stuff. We also tend to work on custom built design and delivery of training courses and skills workshops to suit a clients Business needs. We also offer coaching and mentoring for your key people such as Directors, Managers, Supervisors and even Safety Advisors. We are able to work on one off projects or ongoing projects. Large or small.  We add real value.


A Custom built approach – sounds just what we need but isn’t that expensive?

No. That’s the great thing. It offers real added value. You get exactly what you need designed for you and delivered when you want it. You don’t pay for anything you don’t need. Just the things YOU want. It takes real skill and ability to do this properly and few Consultancies or Training Providers have this. Plus they can make more money by selling lots of an ‘off the shelf product’ or a slightly tweaked one saying it’s tailored. So for the real deal – contact us to find out more.


How long will the work take?

It depends of course what you would like us to do. Each Business or Organisation has it own unique health and safety risks and issues. But the benefit of using a stand out consultancy like ours is that we know what we are doing. So we will listen carefully to your needs and then come up with a realistic proposal and timescales. Which we agree with you in advance and deliver it.


I’m not sure whether we need a consultant?

Maybe you don’t. You should consider whether there is the competence to do everything in house first. If not, perhaps you may just need some assistance in certain areas. Or maybe an independent expert to give you an accurate appraisal of where you are and if necessary make recommendations for improvements that you could do in house. There are many reasons why Businesses use consultants


Why use a consultant?

Businesses use consultants for many reasons. Some businesses don’t have the in house competence to understand or address all their health and safety matters. Some smaller companies cannot afford to employ a full time Health and Safety Advisor. Some companies; large ones as well as SME’s on occasions want an independent expert who they trust to give an accurate appraisal on a safety issue and some sound advice and recommendations for the way forward. Or Companies (again large as well as SME’s) may have an important project they want to start on or need some help with. Or maybe key members of the Board or staff need mentoring on a specific issue or need a workshop or course designed to specifically suit their business needs. Choosing the right Consultant or indeed Trainer and designer is vital. The right consultant or trainer can save you a lot of time and frustration. And help you to become a more proactive company. This is good for business and your piece of mind.

If we haven’t already answered your Question, it’s probably best to discuss it.

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