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We recognise - lets be honest here – that health and safety issues may not always be one of your top priorities. But the reality is that the best way to protect your business and your people in the most effective way is for you to manage health and safety proactively. In terms of legally, cost effectively and your piece of mind.

Whether you are a large company with a complex high risk profile or a smaller company with a lower risk profile (the complexity of your management of safety would need to be proportional to your hazards and risks and the law which applies to your work activities of course, not the size of your company) you still need an effective strategy to properly manage your health and safety.

So whether you already have a Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) in place (good or bad or you’re not really sure) OR you don’t know where to start. We have the depth of understandingexperience and expertise to help you move forward.

We are a fresh pair of eyes – expertly trained with the rare level of experience: Chartered Safety and Health Practitioner ALSO a qualified Lead Auditor in HSMS and Former HSE Inspector, with many years of providing practical HSMS advice and support to Business of all sizes and risk profiles. So now that you have found us, don’t let the opportunity slip contact us and let’s start talking about Your business and how we can help you.

We are the clear stand out choice from the huge Consultancy crowd. So why risk your reputation using anyone else.

A helpful word of warning

Over the years we have come across many examples of poor auditing and HSMS design. Resulting in issues such as significant gaps not being identified and systems built that are way over complicated and virtually unusable. This is often what happens when people do not have the competence and the depth of understanding to do the work properly.

A helpful word of reassurance

We however have a ‘refreshingly different’ approach - because it makes a real difference to your business and we have the ability to do what others can’t. We don’t use templates for Audits / Reviews or improving or designing Management Systems. We custom build to suit your Business. That way we are able to keep things simple and user friendly.

There are various options, to suit all sizes of Businesses, we are happy to advise.

Careful DIAGNOSIS and guidance

Health & Safety Checks - Legal Compliance Reviews and Best Practice – like a health and safety MOT check for your Business. This level of Review is suited to smaller companies. Wanting an independent assessment of levels of compliance and guidance on how to improve their management of health and safety.

Health and Safety Management System Audit (HSMS Audit) - Gap Analysis - based on the HSE’s framework HSG65, or BS OHSAS 18001 standard or others such as your own Company or other specific performance standards. This higher level of review is suitable for larger companies or those with a higher risk profile or with a more developed Management System for health and safety. Who want a more systematic independent assessment of compliance and guidance on how to improve their management of health and safety.

We can also Review or Audit a specific issue or aspect of your choice e.g. Management of Contractors, COSHH, Permits to Work, transport issues, safety culture, human factors, communication for safety etc.

Real Insight

A Health and Safety Check or Audit can sound a bit daunting or scary. But believe us; they give you a real insight into how an Enforcement Officer might view your current level of compliance (as a former Enforcement Officer for the HSE we can say that with total credibility).

On Going Support if you need it

Once the careful diagnosis has been done and you have your clear comprehensive report. If you wish, we are also able to Partner WITH you to advise and support you to address any issues or recommendations you are not able to do yourselves.

Specific Development & Improvement Support

Design and Development of a HSMS – from new to suit your Business

Upgrade of your HSMS to include modern issues and aspects

Modifying a current system to SIMPLIFY where possible or make it more user friendly.

Health and Safety improvement STRATEGY – advice and support For larger Complex issues or A simple strategy for a small company to get them on the right track.

IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT for your Directors and Key staff
Please refer to our Coaching and mentoring Services. And also our bespoke courses and skills workshops.


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