Aurora Safety Solutions


Development of Policies, Procedures and Risk Assessments

We can develop for you, with your input user friendly written documentation, policies, procedures, risk assessments and management systems documents that not only ensure your Business complies with the law – but also are meaningful to you and your Business and extremely usable. Custom made for you. NOT the usual one size fits all or tweaked template and tick box documentation obtained off the internet or that other consultancies may provide – that achieve nothing and fool nobody, including the Enforcing Authorities or the Courts.

We can develop written documentation from scratch.

Review your current documentation for you. And recommend improvements.

We can upgrade your current documentation. You may wish to modernise or simplify it where possible and gain the Business advantages. As well as the more straight forward policies and procedures we are also able to develop specialist ones as well.

A flavour of the sort of health and safety documentation we can custom develop for your
Business includes:

- Company Health & Safety Policy

- Health and Safety Management System – a full system or a simple strategy

- Risk Assessment procedures - general and specific Including:

Selection, Management and Control of Contractors, Driver safety, Preventing and managing workplace Stress, Workplace Transport, Health and Safety monitoring, inspection or auditing procedures (internal), COSHH - Hazardous Substances, Manual handling, Display screen equipment (computers) and Office safety. And more. Please contact us if you need something that isn’t listed.

We can also provide custom training and follow up coaching to equip your staff with the necessary skills to carry out your risk assessments in house. Giving real added value to your Business.


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