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Other H&S Matters

Other H&S Matters - a flavour, some examples include:

Help with Tenders, competency accreditations

Helping you to win new Business.

Liaison with Enforcement Authorities

Helping you to effectively comply with Enforcement Advice or Notices. And helping your Business, by working with you to help you develop a proactive management approach to avoid such occurrences in the future.

External Competent Adviser (Competent Person services)

We offer a stand out service. Whether you want a basic telephone only advice option OR for us to be your formal appointed Competent Person; this would need to be agreed in writing and would include an agreed in advance programme of on going support or assistance with policies, management systems, Custom training or mentoring etc. Very Flexible - You choose what you need. This would usually include and start with a Compliance review. We can custom build a support package to suit your Business and your budget.

The Advantages:

We are the stand out choice from the huge crowd

The flexibility we give you is limitless - you choose what you need.

You get to RESERVE our time in advance - so you don’t have to wait or loose out to get the Best that there is: ‘US’.

For smaller or medium sized Businesses it is not always practical to employ a full time Health and Safety Professional, but they may often need Competent Advice. Our External Competent Adviser Service provides your Business with a cost effective solution to this problem. You get the best expert experience and a fresh approach that works with other benefits: No top salary to pay, no sick pay, no National Insurance, no pension, no holiday pay, etc. And the assurance that you are being supported by a professional Consultant with the level of qualifications and experience that give you piece of mindand the edge over your competitors.

Accident / Incident and near miss Investigations

Carry out independent investigations for you. To establish the causal factors and make recommendations; to assist companies to learn lessons and also help enable them to prevent reoccurrence. We can also train your own staff with the necessary skills to conduct investigations.

Health and Safety Inspections of Workplaces

On going monitoring of your Business health and safety performance is a key part of effectively managing your Health and safety. Health and safety Inspections of a workplace and its activities is one aspect of this.

We can undertake health and safety Inspections on a large range of workplaces and activities. Including factory, manufacturing and construction etc, and many others.

We can undertake an agreed programme of planned or unannounced inspections to your site/s for independent monitoring purposes. We can look at a range of health and safety issues or specific activities only if you wish. We will provide you with a report of the findings identifying both good practice and any areas where improvements are needed. These will also be discussed with on site management at the time and advice given.

Regular internal monitoring should also be carried out by yourselves. We can provide training or coaching for your staff to enable them to conduct meaningful health and safety inspections. We can also review your current health and safety inspection programme and its documentation. Or develop a strategy and custom documentation for you.


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