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TNA Analysis

Training Needs Analysis. We can identify or review the health and safety training and Competency skills your people need. And if you wish we can go on to develop focused, cost effective solutions to meet those specific needs.

IOSH and NEBOSH type Training

This and other types of accredited training are good at providing a sound general knowledge base for recipients and are worthwhile. We are approved Tutors for a number of accredited courses - achieving excellent results and if accredited training is what you want we can help facilitate this for you.

However, whilst accredited courses can give a sound general knowledge base, they often fall short in some key areas. They often contain content that is not relevant to the specific work activities in your Business and may not reflect the Systems and Procedures your Business uses and don’t give you training on HOW to perform a task or apply a strategy specifically to benefit YOUR own specific workplace. Areas which our Bespoke Designed Training excel in. This is why it offers so much more direct benefit to your Business and maximises the impact of your Budget. So if you have done a general accredited course and want to learn more about specifically applying aspects in your workplace OR want a Bespoke training option in preference in the first instance with all the above benefits and more. Contact us

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